About Celtic Fire Services

Celtic Fire Services are fully licensed and Accredited Practitioners in Fire Safety who design, install, and service all your buildings’ fire protection needs. Our Fire Technicians are highly qualified, trained and licensed. We have $20 million public liability insurance and $10 million Professional Liability insurance. This sets us apart from our competition. We service a wide range of buildings in NSW from large commercial multi-storey buildings to residential apartments and major shopping centres.

We pride ourselves on customer service and much of our growth has been due to the fact that we’re the first to respond – on quotes and on site. Call us day or night and you will be speaking directly to a Director or Manager.

Fire Protection Association Sydney

Joey Wanstall

CFSP: F014680A
Managing Director
Over 35 years experience

Karen Griffiths

Managing Director
Over 30 years experience

Adrian Mancini

CFSP: F011326A
Electrical Project Manager
Over 25 years experience

Debbie Smith

CFSP: F046050A
Service Manager
Over 15 years experience

Samantha Smith-Wells

CFSP: F050864A
Testing & Sales Manager
Over 10 Years Experience