Learn About Issuing Fire Safety Certificates and Statements in Sydney

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Housing councils in Australia hold landowners liable for signing and submitting annual statements and certificates for fire safety. Irrespective of what the lease agreement says, fire compliance is the sole responsibility of the owner. So, it’s important to note that when signing the certificate, you’re declaring that the premises have at least met the fire safety standard that the government has set, and you’re also agreeing to maintain the standard of the premises. Read on for everything you need to know about fire safety in Australia.

About Fire Safety Certificates

A fire safety certificate is a document that any building owner needs to issue after completing any works of the building. You can also hire professionals to submit fire safety certificates in Sydney on your behalf.

The certificate confirms that your building has all the necessary fire safety measures, as scheduled in the directives. Also, it confirms that a qualified professional has checked and duly installed new fire safety equipment. This document helps verify whether the available fire safety measures work to the minimum recommended standard.

There is a standard template of fire safety certificates available, so if you’re issuing this document on your own, be sure to follow the right format. You can download the template online.

About fire safety statements 

As a building owner, you can issue this document on your own or have a professional issue it on your behalf. However, you need the help of accredited fire safety practitioners to prepare fire safety statements in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. A certified practitioner will have the necessary know-how and training to assess as per the required regulations. This document confirms that an accredited specialist has inspected, assessed, and confirmed the condition of safety equipment in the building.

Types of fire safety statements

There are two different types of fire safety statements you need to issue:

  • Annual fire safety statements: As the name implies, you need to issue them every year. It confirms that your property has all the necessary fire safety measures applicable to your type of building. It also confirms that the fire safety equipment is inspected by accredited specialists. Plus, the inspecting authority would confirm that the exit systems of the building comply with the regulation.
  • Supplementary fire safety statements: You need to issue them at specified intervals. The fire safety schedule will specify the interval. It should also cover any critical safety measurement specific to your building.

About FSA

There is a new role accredited by the new NSW Government in 2020, and, as per the new regulation, only an accredited and qualified FSA can prepare and issue annual fire safety statements.

About FPAA

Again, the new regulations state that only Fire Protection Association Australia or FPAA accredited practitioners can execute the functions that the FPAA covers. To learn more about the FPAA functions, you might want to contact your nearby fire protection consultants in Sydney.

Finding your consultant

While searching for professional help to issue fire certificates or statements, look for service providers with FPAA scheme accredited technicians, and be sure to ascertain if the team can help you with the standardised, latest forms you need to submit. Contact Celtic Fire Services now to know more about our services!

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