Fire Protection Systems – Testing and Maintenance

Fire testing and maintenance services Sydney

We offer fully compliant fire inspection, fire certification, fire testing, fire protection, fire installation and fire maintenance services for commercial, industrial and residential strata properties. We have expertise in all fire protection systems. We are fully certified by the governing body of the fire protection industry and the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA). Additionally, we offer fire protection services to all industries and to all sized businesses. Celtic Fire has a team of professionals across Sydney.

Our fire safety solutions protect your property from fire hazards and hazardous conditions. We provide complete fire safety solutions and Celtic Fire has been operating for 20 years in fire safety inspection, testing, and reporting in Sydney and throughout New South Wales. In fact our team of experts has a combined 100+ years of combined experience. You are assured of a safe workplace and insurance compliance. We provide a 24-hour call-out for emergency situations.

Our comprehensive fire protection services include a comprehensive range of fire inspection and testing services for a variety of industries. 

Installation and maintenance on a wide range of items including

  • Fire suppression systems (fire sprinkler systems) 
  • Fire detection systems
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  • Hydrant systems 
  • Fire hose reel systems 
  • Portable fire equipment (fire extinguishers and fireblankets)
  • Fire pump sets
  • Fire doors and passive fire systems (lightweight construction, fire seals, access panels)
  • Exit and emergency lighting
  • Mechanical air handling systems
  • Fire dampers
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems
  • VESDA systems

When working in a facility that contains sensitive equipment, it is essential to have well-functioning fire protection systems. Fires can cause major destruction that may close your business for extended periods of time. We provide prompt service, fast turnaround time, and documentation. 

 Why choose our testing services?

The professionals who work for Celtic Fire are highly experienced and qualified in the area of fire protection system testing. This means that any issues will be identified and resolved quickly and properly, minimising the risk of fire. We certify in full compliance with Australian Standards & Building Code Australia. Celtic Fire understands your fire safety needs. We provide personalised service, tailored to your industry, which is regularly updated and reviewed. Our quality assurance program is regularly audited to  Australian Standard AS 1851. We ensure customer satisfaction by regularly following up on all jobs. We have a strong focus on continual improvement. We implement recommendations for improvements from internal and external audits. Our team of highly qualified technicians provide quality and reliable service.

Celtic Fire can meet all your fire service needs.

Equipment Test Frequency
Fire detection systems Monthly, 6 monthly & annually
Smoke & heat detectors 6 Monthly & Annually
Fire sprinkler systems Weekly or Monthly, 6 Monthly, Annually
Evacuation systems Monthly & Annually
Fire hydrants 6 monthly & Annually
Hose reel systems 6 monthly & Annually
Fire booster pumpsets Weekly or Monthly, 6 Monthly, Annually
Fire extinguishers 6 monthly & Annually
Exit & emergency lighting 6 monthly & Annually
Fire doors & passive Quarterly or 6 monthly, annually
Gas suppression systems 6 monthly & Annually
Kitchen suppression systems 6 monthly & Annually
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In addition to the annual maintenance requirements we also carry out higher routine testing in accordance with AS 1851-2012 for all fire safety systems.

For all your building's fire protection needs:

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